Lar Park Lincoln • Motion Picture Goddess
Eryn Brooke • Tiffany
Summer Borden • Ashley
Hope Latimer • Taylor
James Esely • The Director
Max Meggs • Miles
Ivan Jones • Coltrane
Joe Glass • Shark
Rod Britton • The Cadaver Man
Christina Campfield • Nicole
Michael Mauldin • Hunter
Jeremy Forshee • Payton
Michael Holmes • Sean
Buck Mahaney • Buck
Jan Norton • Harold/Melba
Everitt Burns • Cousin Johnson
Dane Hereford • Shooter
Chad Hollings • Weed
David Buchanan • Stoner/Gravedigger Manny
Neil Helms • Stoner/Gravedigger Julio
Andy Mullins • The Second Movie Mogul
Ruckus, Mackie and Whiskie • Mackie the Scottish Terrier
Chivas • Second Mogul’s Scottie
Daisy the Poodle • Mackie’s love interest



Written and Directed by Michael McWillie
Produced by Michael McWillie, Steve Terrell and Max Steward
Director of Photography Alan Lefebvre
Edited by Michael McWillie, Micah Whitehead and Ryan Miller
Executive Producers Richard and Jacqueline Bowman